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You’ve been eyeing one for years, but years ago, there was no room in the budget for a sporty, showy car. You had a family, bills to pay, commitments to keep. We get it!

If you’ve always wanted a Ford Mustang, you’ve never seen anything like the 2021 Mustang family. With ten models to choose from, the Mustang sports everything you’ve ever dreamed of: action and excitement, innovative tech, and safety, too.

Action & Excitement

Grounded in performance, the Mustang delivers on all the excitement you’ve come to expect and crave. Rev the engine and listen to the roar - thrilling, right? We know!

Whether you’re interested in the Shelby GT500 or the classic Mustang Fastback, one of the consistent factors in all the models is the energy you’ll feel when you settle in behind the wheel.

With four engines to choose from, you determine your power. Choose between: EcoBoost, GT, Mach 1, and Shelby GT500. Each packs a punch.

The standard base suspension provides the ultimate in handling. You can’t beat the steady ride quality from this vehicle!

If road conditions change, the available MagneRide Damping System activates at a rate of 1000 times per second for each damper. You’ll notice a smooth, balanced ride and have the confidence to perform.

Power-Assist settings in our standard Selectable Electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS) mean you have the opportunity to choose your level of steering control. Choose between Comfort, Normal, and Sport for your ideal steering effort.

If you’re going to be whizzing around town, you want to be comfortable! Mustang’s iconic interior design includes amenities you’ve grown accustomed to, including both a heated and cooled seat, accent-stitched center console - even a heated steering wheel. Push-button start is the ultimate in cool!


SYNC 3 puts connectivity at your fingertips. With easy-to-use voice-activated technology, the SYNC 3 includes a capacitive touchscreen, not unlike the screen on your smartphone. Tap, swipe, and slide to access contacts, navigation, and playlists.

Ford collaborated with Amazon to bring you Ford+Alexa. You can control your smart home device from your car and change your home thermostat, lighting, and security settings. You can also add to your Amazon Prime list while driving home from work! It’s almost “The Jetsons” - but not quite.

All 2021 Ford vehicles with SYNC 3 come with a 3-month All Access trial SiriusXM subscription to provide you with a wide array of entertainment anywhere - music, sports, news, even comedy channels. You can also enjoy SiriusXM online on your phone and at home on connected devices. SiriusXM has it all!

Safety Features

If you’re going to be behind the wheel of a superpower like the Mustang, you need confidence-building safety features, like the ones that are standard across most Ford models. The Ford Co-Pilot360 technologies are a suite of driver-assist features that have changed the way drivers think about safety.

Be sure to ask one of our sales team members which of these safety features are available on the model you’re most interested in. Safety features include:

  • Blind Spot Information System. When a vehicle enters your blind spot, our system illuminates a small light in the corresponding side-view mirror.
  • Lane-Keeping System. If you inadvertently veer from your detected lane of traffic, our system gently alerts you to refocus on what’s most important - the road ahead. If you continue to veer out of your lane, the system suggests that a coffee break may be a good (and safe) idea.
  • Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking. Often, traffic ahead makes sudden stops and slowdowns. Our system is constantly scanning ahead and alerts you if traffic begins moving more slowly than you are. If you don’t slow down, our system activates Automatic Emergency Braking to mitigate frontal damage.
  • Auto High-Beam Headlamps. Our system detects ambient light and automatically activates your high and low beams appropriately. You might not think headlamps were a safety feature, but that’s because you’ve never seen these!

These are only a sampling of the many safety features available to you via your Ford Mustang. Before you drive off the lot, make sure you know all the ways your vehicle systems work to make you safer on the road.

About Us

At Dingwall Ford in Kenora, our team understands the exhilaration of purchasing your dream car. It’s special - a treat - a reward for a job well done. We get it. We also get that the Mustang is everything you could want in a sports car - power, muscle, technology, and safety, too.

Come see us on Hwy 17 East. Kick the tires. Take a test drive. Feel the fun - you’ve waited long enough!
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